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IPO Numbers

Expected Initial Output

Price per share for IPO: ฿1

Shares issued: 10000

Expected approximate cost per ASIC Mini Rig depending on BTC rate: ~ ฿5000

Planned purchase: 2 x ASIC Mini Rigs for 2 Terahash/s

See product: Mini-Rig

Hashing split

Expected hashing power: 2 Terahash/s

Expected total hashing per share: 200 mhash/s

Expected hashing per share value returned to members: 180 mhash/s (90%)

  • Expected hashing per share for buying equipment: 80 mhash/s (40%)
  • Expected hashing per share for dividends: 100 mhash/s (50%)

BTC Mining on GLBSE

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