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Motion to purchase ASICs passes

3rd July 2012

The motion passed and we will buy Butterfly Labs' ASICs once funded.

Motion to purchase ASICs Instead of FPGAs

24th June 2012

We would purchase SC Mini Rig instead of Mini Rigs, view motion here: Link

Motion to purchase bonds

30th April 2012

Motion to purchase bonds passed. Until funded, we will buy bonds of 40 mhash @ 11 BTC each with an agreement for them to be purchased back by issuer in full in August.

Official GLBSE IPO due the 23rd April

18th April 2012

The IPO has been initiated and is due on Monday the 23th April. You can view it now on GLBSE: Link

Website Launch

15th April 2012

Website just got launched and we're getting ready for the IPO at GLBSE.

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